Quarterly Newsletter

1st Quarter 2018

February 2nd , 2018

On Friday February 2nd the students of Atrebla Early Learning Center imaginations’ were taken on a trip to find the Sandman.  Timi Bliss, author of the children’s book, “In Search of the Sandman” read her creative bedtime story to the students.  In the story, the mother tells Charlie that if she closes her eyes and thinks about nighttime things such as; stars, owls hooting, and crickets chirping, she will see the Sandman. Timi basically took a bedtime story she made up to put her daughter to sleep years ago, integrated the old folk story character the “Sandman” and transformed it in to a creative story book, in which she  did all of the illustration.  Her graphic designer skills and techniques allow her to create bold and animated designs to keep the readers engaged in the story.  She is currently in the process writing two more books to start a series, “In Search of the Gingerbread Man’” and “In Search of the Boogieman.”  Timi likes to feature African American characters in her stories.  Charlie the main character of the series, was named after her grandchild.  For more information on Timi Bliss and her books, go to www.timibliss.com


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